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New York Bar Finds Hilarious Way to Get Around Gov. Cuomo’s COVID Orders

New Yorkers are just as inventive as they are stubborn, and it shows.

States around our nation, all governed by ever-so-disparate governors and other leaders, are consistently coming up with clever new ways to try to combat the continuing threat posed by COVID-19.

This highly contagious strain of coronavirus has been in the midst of a major resurgence as of late, with the predicated second wave of the illness beginning to take root here in the USA over the course of the last few days.  States such as Florida and Texas seem to be having the most trouble after being early adopters of plans to reopen.

In New York State, where coronavirus social distancing guidelines were, and still are considered strict, Governor Andrew Cuomo has remained committed to the idea that his economy should suffer in order to prevent the disease’s spread.  This has led to some wildly restrictive guidelines, particularly in the restaurant and bar industry.

New Yorkers, always a stubborn and ingenious bunch, are now pushing back against Cuomo in some pretty hilarious ways.

The owners of a New York pub said on Tuesday they “had to come up with something to remain compliant” with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new coronavirus restriction on restaurants, which requires that alcohol purchases include food. So they added “Cuomo Chips” to their menu for customers who don’t want a full meal.

Matthew Bagley and Adam Humphrey, co-owners of Harvey’s Irish Pub in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday to discuss how their idea, which they said started as a way to stay in compliance with the governor’s rule and to “poke fun at the policy.”

The items won’t break the bank.

A bag of Cuomo Chips will set you back $1 plus sales tax – a portion of which goes to New York state’s coffers.

Humphrey said the chips “got some pretty good feedback from our bar regulars and restaurant guests that came in.”

He added that customers “thought it was kind of funny” and “kind of lightened the blow that they had to buy another food item.”

While the inventive idea may have won Harvey’s a few more customers, this notoriety may very well put them on the Governor’s radar as well.

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