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Newest Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theory: Use 12th Amendment to Steal Election

You won’t believe what the anti-Trump crowd is suggesting now.

There have been a number of wild theories regarding President Donald Trump being posited by various politicians and pundits as of late, and they’ve grown both in frequency and frivolity as we approach the 2020 election.

The original anti-Trump conspiracy came to us during the last election, all the way back in what feels like the ancient history of 2016 when Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton began insinuating that Trump was some sort of Kremlin double agent, whose rise to power came at the behest and backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  This bizarre tale spun off the Robert Mueller-led “RussiaGate” investigation – a probe that has been falling apart at alarming speed in recent weeks.

For 2020, the left seems hellbent on scaring Americans into believing that Donald Trump will somehow either steal the election or nullify its results in order to remain in power – and there are no shortage of hypotheses as to just how he’ll achieve this.

The latest suggestion is about as wild as it gets.

Veteran investigative journalist Carl Bernstein reported that President Trump is exploring various ways to hold onto power.

The Watergate sleuth told CNN host Chris Cuomo on Monday that there is chatter in the White House about gaming the system as Trump’s critics raise concerns about voter suppression.

“Because everything is about the base, as he calls it,” Bernstein said. “And getting the base to somehow reelect him or get him close enough to reelection that he can then put into authoritarian practice. Some kind of mechanism that will allow him to hold onto power, perhaps throw the election into the House of Representatives, which indeed is being talked about in the White House.”

What exactly is Bernstein suggesting?

Indeed, the Twelfth Amendment, which altered Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, empowers the House to decide who will be president if no candidate wins a majority of electors. This may give Trump an advantage over his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, with each state having one vote.

This sort of conjecture will certainly garner quite a bit of attention for the mainstream media, but is there any reason to suggest such a thing if not for the purpose of instilling fear and uncertainty in the American populace?

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