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Nike’s flag flap gets flayed FOREVER by retired Marine on social media

This veteran is going viral for his patriotism after Nike scuttled a sneaker at the request of former second-rate quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The inane “controversy” over Nike’s now-infamous “Betsy Ross Flag” shoe is taking on a life of its own after one veteran decided to make a permanent statement on the matter.

Nike’s proposed release of a sneaker emblazoned with the iconic flag was scuttled after sponsored former athlete Colin Kaepernick took umbrage with the flag, claiming that the symbol was “racist” due to its origins during a time of slavery in the United States.

This itself is purely pedantic.  Kaepernick has not called for the removal fo the Pyramids of Giza, (built by slaves), nor has he denounced Nike for their slaves wages and sweatshop practices in the far east.

This is what we call “anti-marketing”, and it works to galvanize loyalty to a brand by creating controversy against which Nike fans can rebel online.  This is free advertising for Nike, and they certainly know it.

One former marine has taken the ensuing social media scuffle to heart, however, and is proudly displaying the patriotism that it has instilled in him.

Retired marine Johnny (Joey) Jones was so adamant in his support for the Betsy Ross flag, he decided to tattoo it on his arm as a rebuke to Nike’s decision to pull a set of shoes bearing the iconic flag’s design.

“You don’t get to control the narrative on everything that is a symbol to this country,” Jones told “Fox & Friends” while discussing his tattoo on Saturday.

Joey went viral for his efforts.

The folks at All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta, GA also approved, thanking the veteran for his service.

Joey’s not alone, however.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also implored Nike to release the shoe, telling the sneaker giant that he would be proud to be their first customer.

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