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Non-doctor Nancy Pelosi has new diagnosis for President Donald Trump

Madame Speaker’s insinuation could have ridiculous ramifications within the international community.

Donald Trump is far from being a typical politician, and the criticism that he has been forced to endure during his first term is equally as extraordinary.

From the very onset of his presidency, this has been the case.  Trump has been accused of a number of purely ludicrous things, from being secretly aligned with the Kremlin, to being romantically obsessed with his own daughter.  The laundry list of allegations against him is both incredible and disheartening, while also appearing to be endless.

Of these attacks, perhaps none is more damning or damaging than the insinuations often made by his political opponents that the President isn’t mentally fit for office.  These non-professional opinions carry only the clout of the offices held by Trump’s critics, but are often taken at face value by a radical “resistance” looking for any foothold again the Commander in Chief.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now contributing to this tacky diatribe with her own “diagnosis”…air quotes and all.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested with air-quotes on Thursday that President Donald Trump has a substandard ‘mind.’

Speaking during her weekly press conference, Pelosi told reporters that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was wrong to delay acting on gun control legislation while he waits for the White House to signal what would be acceptable to Trump.

Asked what features of gun reform she thinks the president is weighing, she shot back: ‘You want me to tell you what goes on in the president’s “mind”?’

Pelosi made air-quotes with the fingers of both hands while saying the word ‘mind,’ drawing laughs from the room.

While Pelosi’s comments will certainly score points with the liberal left, they also cheapen the image of the US President on the world’s stage – a dangerous bit of demeaning dialogue that could bear horrific consequences within the international community.

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