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NORAD Commander Give WILD Answer When Asked About Rash of UFO Encounters

Oh really?!

The skies over North America have been busy this week, as a number of strange devices continue to be tracked and taken out by US military aircraft.

From the Yukon to Lake Huron, (and beyond to the Atlantic Ocean), a number of unidentified objects have found themselves in the crosshairs of American fighter pilots in recent days, marking the only “peace time” downing of foreign aircraft over US soil ever.

While many authorities are continuing to suggest that these incidents could be tied to spy balloons from a foreign nation, (likely China), NORAD isn’t quite ready to rule out one of the more outlandish possibilities.

Speaking on a conference call Sunday, Air Force General Glen VanHerck was asked whether the United States has ruled out the possibility that the “objects” that have been spotted and shot down over North America are extraterrestrial in origin.

A New York Times article on Sunday contained this paragraph:

The incursions seemed to become so common that Biden administration officials have found themselves issuing private assurances that there is no evidence that they involve extraterrestrial activity. But officials also acknowledge privately that the longer they are unable to provide a public explanation for the provenance of the objects, the more speculation grows.

Things took another turn as well.

NYT Pentagon correspondent Helene Cooper, who co-wrote the article, asked about this tidbit during the presser, directing her question to NORAD commander VanHerck.

“Because you still haven’t been able to tell us what these things are that we are shooting out of the sky, that raises the question, have you ruled out aliens or extraterrestrial terrestrials?” asked Cooper. “And if so, why? Because that is what everyone is asking us right now.”

“I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out,” said VanHerck. “I haven’t ruled out anything at this point. We continue to assess every threat or potential threat unknown that approaches North America with the attempt to identify it.”

Pilots who approached one of the objects stated that their aircraft’s sensors were somehow affected by the “UFO”, but no further details on the precise anomalies has been given.

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