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North Korea Caught Trying to Hack Vaccine Maker Despite ‘Zero’ COVID Cases

The hermit kingdom is up to no good, but no one is surprised.

North Korea holds a very unique place in the pantheon of modern nations, but that’s not to say that their place on the world’s stage is a vaunted one.

The overarching sentiment toward the North Korean government is one of mistrust and malfeasance, while much of the world simply pities their people.  The leadership in the DPRK has, for decades, starved and imprisoned a great many North Koreans, cutting them off from the media of the outside world and replacing common knowledge with blatant lies.

The scary thing is that they are good at it, and a majority of North Koreans believe that they are being persecuted by the western world and their the Kim dynasty are more than mortal.

Outwardly, North Korea attempts to push some of these lies to the rest of the world as well.  For instance, a great many officials in the country have refused to acknowledge that the nation has seen even one case of COVID-19 – despite the fact that the hermit kingdom is doing everything in their power to eek coronavirus resources out of the rest of the world.

North Korean hackers tried breaking into the computer systems of pharmaceutical company Pfizer to access information on a coronavirus vaccine, according to a South Korean lawmaker and multiple reports.

Seoul’s National Intelligence Service “briefed us that North Korea tried to obtain technology involving the Covid vaccine and treatment by using cyberwarfare to hack into Pfizer,” said Parliament member Ha Tae-keung following a closed-door hearing, according to Agence France-Presse.

The U.S. State Department and Pfizer did not immediately respond to emails from Fox News.

The news comes on the heels of a report stating that North Korean hackers had absconded with hundreds of millions of dollars, all of which is presumed to have gone into the country’s illicit nuclear weapons program.

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