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North Korea Continues to Provoke Seoul by Amassing Troops at Border

Once again, the timing of Kim Jong Un’s unnecessary provocations couldn’t be worse.

The high strangeness of the North Korea diplomatic machine was on full display again this week, and at a time in which the world is already skating on thin ice.

Kim Jong Un was, just a few weeks ago, believed to be either dead or in a vegetative state – possibly due to a bout with COVID-19.  He suddenly reappeared, however, as if nothing had happened.

Now, just a few weeks back into the public eye, Kim is setting his sights on chaos, and aiming the destructive power of the DPRK squarely at his neighbors to the south. 

NORTH Korea has threatened to mass troops near the border with its “mongrel dog” neighbour South Korea, hours after blowing up an ex-embassy.

The threat – reported by the dictatorship’s state media – is the latest in a string of increasingly belligerent actions by the North in recent weeks.

One such action was the explosive demolition of a North Korea building often used for diplomatic talks between Seoul and Pyongyang, not 48 hours ago.

The language coming out of North Korea was predictably dramatic.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) published a warning on its website, saying that “the Ministry of National Defence of south Korea is… failing to control its tongue.

“Just like feared mongrel dog, it kept bragging and bluffing, rattling the dialogue partner and stoking confrontational atmosphere, making barks like track-monitoring, firm posture and strong counteraction.

“Wrong words and actions are bound to bring… [a strong] result.

“It can be the story of setting Seoul on fire that was raised long ago or more horrible threats, and the South Korean authorities have to take care of themselves just in case.”

The timing of Kim’s calamity couldn’t have been worse, given that the world is set to face massive second wave of coronavirus, (beginning with a new outbreak in Beijing), and the fact that anti-racism protests in the United States have been ongoing for nearly three weeks and spreading to other parts of the world as well.

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