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Not Biden, Not Bernie: Biggest democratic crowd of 2020 belongs to surprising candidate

With twenty-some democrats to choose from, this statistic could certainly change.

We are inching ever closer to the 2020 election, and to the democrats being finally forced to pick a darn candidate.

As it stands today there are still 20-some democratic lawmakers and personalities vying for the top spot on the 2020 ticket.  Among them are the big names; Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris, all of whom stand a fighting chance to make it to next November.

Then there are the underdogs, such as thrice reinvented Beto O’Rourke and absentee NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio who was booed by his own constituents when he announced his candidacy.

Somewhere in the middle is Liz Warren…but maybe not for long.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) on Monday drew what her campaign said was the largest crowd of her presidential campaign tour yet, attracting thousands of energized supporters to her town hall at Macalester College.

“Hello, Minnesota!” the 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful shouted as she took the stage Monday evening. “Dang, it is good to be here.”

Though the event was billed as a town hall, it more closely resembled a rally once Warren announced the audience Q&A portion of the event would be scrapped given the massive turnout. Her campaign estimated 12,000 people were in attendance.

This would put Warren atop the single event size leaderboard for the democrats, shaking up a race that has already been unruly and unexpected, to say the least.

Warren is infamous for her once-constant insinuation of Cherokee Nations heritage – something that the candidate was unable to prove after being goaded into taking a DNA test, in part by the President.

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