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NYT Introduces New Excuse: Gov’t Can Function ‘Without Healthy President’

This is not the way we should be looking at it.

The left side of the aisle has been making a vast amount of excuses for the behavior and the bumbling of President Joe Biden, but now it appears as though the left-leaning New York Times is working on some preemptive slimming of expectations for a potential second term of the octogenarian President.

Politics are full of deft and conniving chess-like maneuvers, but the New York Times suggesting that it doesn’t matter if the President is healthy is some next level journalistic acrobatics.

A New York Times columnist downplayed Democrats’ concerns over President Joe Biden’s declining health Wednesday as he announced his reelection bid this week, arguing the country does not need a fully-functioning president.

The Times’s David Leonhardt wrote in a newsletter on Wednesday, “Strange as it may sound, the American government can function without a healthy president.”

Leonhardt compared Biden, 80, to former President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II, who had numerous health issues but was still about 20 years younger than Biden at the time. He also compared Biden to former President Ronald Reagan, who later announced he had Alzheimer’s Disease.

“In each case, White House aides, Cabinet secretaries and military leaders performed well despite the lack of a fully engaged leader,” Leonhardt argued.

The backlash arrived rather quickly.

Not the Bee mocked the piece, saying, “The New York Times, the ‘truth to power’ people, the nation’s Paper of Record, is really suggesting that it doesn’t matter whether or not we elect a literal corpse for the Democrats.”

The mainstream Democratic Party appears to be congealing behind Biden after his reelection announcement earlier this week, but there are certainly going to be some aggressive progressive challenges yet to come in the electoral process.

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