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NYT’s David Brooks Doesn’t Believe Impeachment Testimony is Changing Any Minds

The Democrats aren’t fooling anyone…even the New York Times.

After two days of public testimony, the needle isn’t moving…and the Democrats know it.

Impeachment is a divisive political maneuver and, in an already polarized political nation, it does nothing but push us further into our respective corners.  The attacks on the President are galvanizing the support he receives from the base, and that base is how GOP Congresspeople will keep their jobs.

The left, both embarrassed by their lack of traction and their inability to get the President, are rallying around each other as well, fomenting the “resistance” voting block that they need to stand a chance in 2020.

Things have become so diametrically opposed that even David Brooks, columnist for the largely anti-Trump New York Times, was forced to admit that the Democrats are simply treading water during an appearance on PBS Newshour.

Brooks said, “I do disagree that this is somehow changing minds. I’ve seen no polling evidence that it’s changing minds. I don’t think people are watching, particularly out in the country. Since this whole impeachment thing has started, I’ve probably been in 20 states. I can’t think of too many places where people have talked to me about this. … I do think the case is a very strong one. I do think what he’s done was appalling. But Americans who like him like him. And the economy is the economy.”

This is unsurprising, of course, given that the Democratic efforts to impeach Donald Trump have been ongoing for years, with each passing scheme showing less promise and substance than the last.

We have now gone from the Robert Mueller-led RussiaGate investigation to an eavesdropped phone conversation in a busy restaurant in Kiev, and the Democrats can’t seem to recognize that these diminishing distractions aren’t going to get the job done.

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