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Obama Blasts Trump in Speech: ‘Not Even Pretending to Be in Charge’

The closer we get to the core of the RussiaGate scandal, the more chirping we hear out of 44.

Barack Obama seems to be a bit shaken as of late, and who could blame him?  There is an ugly cloud just over the horizon, and it’s threatening a deluge that could see much of his legacy swept away in a matter of weeks.

Ol’ No. 44 looks to be front and center, part and parcel to the RussiaGate scandal – a scheme that is slowly being unearthed and relearned.  Our latest revelations don’t look good for Obama, either, as it appears that much of his upper cabinet were intimately aware of the FBI’s supposedly clandestine work in terms of the this drummed up theory about incoming President Donald Trump and Russian “collusion” back in 2016.

Now, even in his rare public appearances Obama looks frazzled, and he’s certainly lashing out at the Trump administration more ferociously the nearer they get to the core of the RussiaGate issue.

Former President Barack Obama said in a commencement speech on Saturday that current leaders during the coronavirus crisis were failing 2020 graduates.

“More than anything this pandemic has fully finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing,” he said. “A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

The former president did not directly criticize Donald Trump, but he repeatedly referred to leaders currently in power.

“Broad majorities agree on the ends,” he said, urging graduates to seek unity. “That’s why folks with power will keep trying to divide you over the means. That’s how nothing changes.”

One could certainly think that the former POTUS doth protest too much, indicating his understanding of the situation he’s found himself in.  All this jawing now could be an attempt to build a political buffer against the coming enlightenment.

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