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O’Rourke Now Contends That Firearms Manufacturers Will Bankroll His Mandatory Buybacks

That’s a pretty bold plan for a guy who’s polling at 2.2% nationally.

2020 presidential long shot Beto O’Rourke has chiseled out a small corner of the exorbitant Democratic field of candidates by consistently branding himself as the “anti-gun guy”.

The El Paso native was surely rocked by a nefarious mass shooting that took place in his Texas hometown, and took his anger and remorse to the campaign trail.  Like many other liberal politicians, O’Rourke believes that a ban on “assault” rifles will somehow stem the issue of mass violence in America, and he is going to great lengths to incorporate this belief into his potential presidential policy.

Beto has been an open proponent of mandatory buybacks for weapons falling under the “assault” rifle umbrella.  These buybacks would have to be enforced, however, and that is where his argument begins to fall apart, with O’Rourke, like any other politician vouching for the idea, unable to provide assurance as to what brave souls in law enforcement will be going door-to-door to disarm Americans.

There is also the matter of just who would be providing the money to buy back the weapons, and where that fits in the national budget.

Beto’s plan for this part of the equation is almost too ridiculous to be true.

Democrat presidential hopeful Robert “Beto” O’Rourke told CBS News in an interview this week that he will fund his AR-15 buyback via money from gun manufacturers.

CBS News’s Tim Perry asked, “How much do you think a mandatory gun buyback would cost taxpayers?”

O’Rourke responded:

I think a mandatory buyback can be financed with a surcharge that would be paid by gun manufacturers, those who are making the AR-15s and AK-47s and continue to sell them into our communities despite the terror that they’ve inspired and the lives that have been taken.

O’Rourke said his surcharge would fund a buyback “without imposing any new taxes on…Americans.”

He did not mention that the surcharge would raise the price of the firearm, the equivalent of a new tax.

O’Rourke’s radical ideas about the Second Amendment have kept him far out of contention for the nomination in 2020, with the Texan currently only pulling around 2% nationally.

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