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Outside Agitators Caught in Kenosha, Working to Turn Peaceful Protests Violent

The mainstream media is lying to you. We’ll explain.

The mainstream media has one job, folks:  Sell advertising space.

Don’t be lulled into believing that any talking head on cable television has your best interest in heart.  They do not.  Their single, solitary mission is to stir your emotions.  If they anger you, or sadden you, or give you a feeling of hopelessness, they’ve elicited a reaction from you that tells your brain a simple, unstoppable command:  When I watch this content, something happens.

It’s like being a child and discovering that pressing a certain button on a certain toy makes a certain sound, expect the media is playing your brain in a slightly more sophisticated way.

So when infotainment stations tries to tell you that these peaceful protesters are turning violent, they are not to be believed.  They are trying to force you to react.

And they’ll continue to do this, despite the fact that there is plenty of evidence of outside agitators arriving in the midst of these protests to frame demonstrators in a poor light.

Kenosha Police arrested a group of nine out-of-state alleged rioters who were reportedly filling up “multiple fuel cans” and driving vehicles containing illegal fireworks, helmets, gas masks, and suspected controlled substances.

According to the Kenosha Police’s media release, officers were tipped off to the presence of three out-of-state vehicles meeting in in a remote lot.

The police tailed the vehicles, and observed occupants filling “multiple fuel cans” at a gas station, after which officers attempted to make contact and investigate.

One of the vehicles, a minivan, attempted to flee, but police successfully stopped the vehicle and forced entry.

Similar reports of outsiders working to stir trouble in protesting cities have been coming in from around the country, and are consistent with the information being touted by law officers the nation over.

The problem for the media is that separating the protesters from the rioters doesn’t invoke the same reaction from viewers, and doesn’t sell as many commercials.

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