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Peace Prevails as Second Amendment Supporters Demand Change in Old Dominion

This is what it looks like when the First and Second Amendment work together in harmony.

All eyes were on Richmond, Virginia on Monday, as supporters of the Second Amendment arrived in the Commonwealth’s capital in order to demand change.

These constitutionalists did not agree with a number of new regulations being enacted and proposed by the Virginia legislature, whose sudden Democratic Majority has been successful in subverting the Second Amendment thus far.   Today’s rally, on Lobbying Day, was meant to put an exclamation point on these concerns.

But there was a looming threat of trouble for the rally itself.

Charlottesville, Virginia, just 70-some miles from Richmond, was the site of atrocious political violence back in 2017, and many feared a repeat of that fracas in Richmond on Monday, particularly after it a domestic terror plot was uncovered by the FBI and far-left groups revealed their plans to be on-site as well.

Americans today showed what we’re really made of, however, and the rally concluded with no such hullabaloo, and certainly no “boogaloo” – an online slang term for a second civil war.

The size of the crowd and the expected participation of white supremacists and fringe militia groups raised fears that the state could see a repeat of the violence that exploded in 2017 in Charlottesville. But the rally concluded uneventfully around noon, and the mood was largely festive, with rally-goers chanting “USA!” and waving signs denouncing Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam.

Many protesters chose not to enter the designated rally zone, where Northam had instituted a temporary weapons ban, and instead packed the surrounding streets, many dressed in tactical gear and camouflage and carrying military-style rifles as they cheered on the speakers.

“I love this. This is like the Super Bowl for the Second Amendment right here,” said P.J. Hudson, a truck driver from Richmond who carried an AR-15 rifle just outside Capitol Square. He was one of the few African-American rally goers in the crowd that was overwhelmingly white and male, and frequently was stopped and asked to pose for pictures wearing his “Black Guns Matter” sweatshirt.

Authorities said that as of 1:40 p.m., there had been no reports of arrests or injuries.

For the powers that be, this lack of violence must have been truly worrisome, as it shows that We The People are united again, and against their authoritarian leanings.

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