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Pelosi Introduces New Political Rhetoric: Self-Impeachment

Pelosi’s latest head scratcher is sure to irk the democratic youth, who are hellbent on removing Trump from office.

Nancy Pelosi has long held the belief that the impeachment of Donald Trump would be foolish.

Her reasoning is simple:  The impeachment process looks likely to be end once it reaches the safer, republican held territory in the Senate, and would do so at a time that is politicly inconvenient in regard to the 2020 election.

President Trump understands this, and is doing all that he can to infuriate the democrats in the meantime.

That’s why Pelosi has turned to a massive spin campaign in order to disparage the President without taking political action.  Her latest assertion is that Donald Trump is impeaching himself.

“The president is self-impeaching,” she told her colleagues last week during a private caucus meeting, echoing comments she also aired in public. “He’s putting out the case against himself. Obstruction, obstruction, obstruction. Ignoring subpoenas and the rest.”

She added, “He’s doing our work for us, in a certain respect.”

So, what is self impeachment?  A whole bunch of theatrical nonsense, apparently.

There is no actual process for self-impeachment. It’s a thought bubble more than a legal term. A pure Pelosi-ism, one that an aide says she coined herself.

But as a device, it’s a way for Pelosi to frame the often complicated idea of the White House refusing to engage with Congress in the traditional process of checks and balances.

“Sometimes people act as if it’s impeachment or nothing,” Pelosi told reporters. “No, it’s not that. It’s a path that is producing results and gathering information.”

Pelosi has been steadily losing the support of younger democrats due to her stubbornness on the impeachment issue, with the youthful “resistance” movement actively hoping to somehow remove Donald Trump from office sooner rather than later.


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