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Pelosi Tries Spinning Confusing Impeachment Hearing, Says ‘Evidence is Clear’

No, Nancy. It’s not.

The war of perception is now on, so to speak, as we approach the end of the public testimony portion of the Democrats’ “formal impeachment inquiry”.

It has been a dramatic week, undoubtedly, with the predictable partisan polarization predicating much of the tone of the proceedings.  The left and right are squabbling, no doubt, and needling one another on ever more specific and intangible ideas of hearsay, presumption, and assumption.

American minds are undoubtedly swimming as the members of the House Intelligence Committee follow ever-winding paths of linguistic linguine down inevitably dark rabbit holes.  As the public portion of this process draws nearer to the end, the hyperbole has only increased in ferocity and frequency, and knowing which way is up is growing increasingly difficult.

Cue House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s denial of this objective reality in a Thursday press conference.

Pelosi said, “[T]he evidence is clear that the president has used his office for his own personal gain, and in doing so, undermined the national security of the United States by withholding military assistance to the Ukraine, to the benefit of the Russians, that he has undermined the integrity of our elections by what he has done, again, the Russian interference being ignored by him. And third, he has violated his oath of office.”

Madam Speaker says the evidence is “clear”.

Not only is this patently false, (just look at Twitter to see the confusion among Americans), but it acts like a dog whistle to the Democratic Party.  Pelosi is telling us that articles of impeachment are coming in fairly clear language, that takes only the slightest presumption to understand.

Of course, the thinly-veiled announcement comes just hours after Senator Lindsey Graham dropped a bombshell of his own:  That the DOJ Investigator General’s report on possible FISA warrant abuses again the 2016 Trump campaign would be release on December 9th, possibly contributing to the timing and gravity of Pelosi’s all-but-assurance that the Democrats will be taking the next step.

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