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Pennsylvania’s Slow Reopening Has Keystone State Small Biz Owners Raging

And by raging, we mean foaming at the mouth.

Around the nation, a number of state and local authorities are working to cautiously restart their economies as the threat of coronavirus continues to simmer, just out of sight.

The data seems to indicate that social-distancing did indeed help to flatten the curve, and outside of some major metropolises and unique pockets elsewhere, our hard work has thus far kept our nation’s hospitals running smoothly.

The key to continuing this positive progress is to reopen the economy bit by bit, saving some of the most crowded and “dangerous” establishments until we’re certain that it’s safe, (music venues, sports arenas, nightclubs, etc).

In Pennsylvania, however, many small business owners believe that the government is moving far too slowly.

[Warning:  Strong language ahead.]

Kris Ross, the owner of K&R Contractors who attended the Reopen Pennsylvania protest at the state’s Capitol on Friday, said that her business has been affected by the “bulls***” shutdown and told Breitbart News that Gov. Tom Wolf (D) “doesn’t give a flying f about anybody but himself.”

“This whole shutdown is bulls***,” she said. “I’m in real estate and also in construction. Not only was my business shut down, but Wells Fargo shut down my line of credit because of the uncertainty in the market.”

Ross, who has been in business for 20 years, said she has paid her employees and provided them with benefits through the shutdown with “no PPP, no unemployment, and nothing.”

“Everything was out of my savings account. Governor Wolf doesn’t give a flying f about anybody but himself,” she said.

Ross went on to lament the legal ambiguity of the situation, which certainly has some litigious Lothario’s salivating.

“There was no reason he came in and took my business from me without that due process,” she said.

We can only imagine that some due process will be on the horizon for someone…and it’s not going to be against Kris Ross.

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