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Pentagon’s $7M Border Mission is Not Dems Want You To Think It Is

The democrats want to paint a picture of Gestapo-esque US soldiers violently wrangling migrants in the desert…but nothing could be further from the truth.

The war over the perception of the crisis on the southern border is in full swing.

On the left, they are telling us that the use of the military at the border is unnecessarily forceful, and could lead to dangerous, confrontational situations like we’ve seen developing down there for weeks.  Many on the left also believe that this is a waste of resources that amount to nothing more than a political move by the President.

Back in reality, however, we have seen a tremendous increase in the amount of migrants reaching our border, (thanks in no small part to the organization of traveling caravans), and a backlog at the legal points of entry that is frankly embarrassing.

As the President works on this issue, as well as getting the border wall built, he has asked the Pentagon to lend a hand.  Their mission, however, is far from the bleak picture of military policing that the left would have you imagine.

The Department of Defense is planning to spend $7.4 million on a troop mission at the United States-Mexico border that includes feeding and caring for migrants and border crossers, the agency announced Monday afternoon.

The mission will involve sending 320 more U.S. troops heading to the southern border to help Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents take care of migrants who have crossed the U.S. border.

Defense Department officials described the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) request for more aid for migrants as necessary in dealing with the “humanitarian crisis” at the southern border.

Aside from helping to feed and care for migrants, the Defense Department mission will also include busing and transporting border crossers in the U.S. Federal officials made clear that troops will not perform any law enforcement functions…

Again we find ourselves in a media storm with low visibility and a high chance of hot air.


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