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PETA Exploits Virus Crisis, Promoting Vegan Lifestyle at Grocery Stores

How does anyone think that this is a good idea?

There is nothing lower than someone who looks at a widespread crisis and says “how can I make this benefit me?”.

This is the lizard brain talking.  The ruthless and vile survival mechanism that lies deep within the pathways of our brain.  It tells us to shut off the emotion of the moment and turn to our mathematical, sociopathic self.  For those with disposable income, this could be taking a peek into the stock market, buying a lot while the prices are low.  For too many others, this fight-or-flight response pushed them to buy inordinate amounts of toilet paper.

Now the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA), have decided to eek out some publicity during this global pandemic, and they are putting innocent people at risk by doing so.

Members with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization are protesting outside grocery stores to encourage veganism despite stay-at-home guidelines in place due to the coronavirus health emergency.

TMZ reported Friday that it had spoken to someone in the organization about their protests targeting grocery stores, noting that PETA is drawing a connection between agriculture workers and the pandemic and urging people to protect animals:

“The animal rights org tells TMZ … protests are focusing on supermarkets because they are one of the few businesses still open in the pandemic, and PETA wants people to make a connection between diseases like COVID-19 and animal agriculture.

“PETA protested outside a grocery store in Reno, NV this week … using a PETA cow to urge shoppers to save animals by going vegan. Next week, PETA says a chicken will be advocating a similar message to shoppers outside a supermarket in Sioux Falls, SD.”

PETA says that their protesters are doing their part to practice social distancing, standing 6 ft. away from one another, but simply adding human beings to any crowd seems ill advised at this point.

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