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Philly Pastor Puts Price Tag on Reparations That Would Take 200 Years to Pay Back

The idea may be novel, but it is also certainly controversial.

There has long been talk in America about what reparations for slavery could, should, or would look like, if our nation were ever to head down that path.

But despite these decades of discussion, there has never been a single plan put forth that wasn’t controversial in some way.  Some believe that the chronological distance between slavery and the present day is too great to render any accurate interpretations of who and what will be involved.  Others believe that it isn’t slavery that oppresses modern African Americans, but rather the all-encompassing concept of “systemic racism”, in which case we are no longer dealign with the specificities of slavery.

Still we are inundated with ideas about what reparations should be, like the latest form a pastor in Philadelphia whose plan would take 200 years to manifest the desired results.

Dr. Eric Mason, pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia, suggested reparations including centuries’ worth of college tuition during his sermon Sunday morning.

Dr. Mason argued that the United States need to adopts a variety of social reforms to address race-based disparities, preaching a sermon titled “A Biblical Case for Reparations.” He proposed a series of policies that would go beyond mere welfare because, according to the preacher, programs like Social Security were “created for white people.”

Then came the big reveal…

Mason zeroed in on education, saying that the United States government should fund historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) fully for 200 years, pay the tuition costs for descendants of slaves for the the next 200 years, and cancel student loan debt for all black graduates, even compensating those that have already paid off their debts.

“HBCUs funded for the next 200 years. Next 200 years. And right after that? You ain’t get this, did you? Descendants of slaves not paying for college for 200 years,” he said. “Nobody. And canceling every black person’s student loan debt. And repaying blacks who paid for student loans.”

Mason would go on to admit that reparations wouldn’t bring “peace on earth”, and that only the Lord himself could handle that request.

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