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Poll Shows Independents Moving Away from Democrats as Impeachment Fizzles

Things are trending to the right, and the Democrats don’t seem to have an answer for it.

Trouble has long plagued the Democratic Party, with the 2020 primary season acting merely as a funnel for the drama as of late.

The left’s intrepid cast of possible candidates has had to navigate some murky waters.  They must pay service to the “resistance” of the radical left, while somehow choosing a candidate that will draw centrist midwestern voters away from Donald Trump.

They believed, perhaps foolishly, that Joe Biden was going to be the man for the job.  Then, as the UkraineGate impeachment scandal heated up, Biden and his son’s business dealings within Europe came under a second scrutiny.  Now, the former Vice President is sinking in the polls, leaving the Democratic Party shrugging to themselves.

More worrisome than even this is the fact that independently-minded voters are starting to trend to the right.

A Siena College Research Institute poll released this week showed that independent voters in New York overwhelmingly oppose impeachment, 59 percent to 37 percent. Additionally, 51 percent of independents described the inquiry as a “partisan attack on President Trump,” while 43 percent said it is a “fair investigation.”

The results coincided with a National Emerson College poll and a Politico-Morning Consult poll, both of which showed an increase in independent voters’ opposition to impeachment.

The overwhelming data led to a Vanity Fair article titled “‘It Is Hard to Read This as Anything but a Warning’: New Polling Suggests Democrats’ Impeachment Push Could Alienate Key Voters.”

“Data exclusive to Vanity Fair shows impeachment could be a losing issue for Democrats hoping to recruit Independents in 2020. ‘Lots of people who don’t like Trump who are still prepared to vote for him,’ says one political science expert,” Vanity Fair reported.

The Democrats should also be concerned regarding the inevitable fizzling of the impeachment debacle, as a trial in the Senate seems certain to swiftly acquit the President.

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