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Pope Francis Uses Public Pulpit to Bash Trump, While Pedophiles Run Amok in Church

Popes in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones.

I will in no way insinuate that Pope Francis has an easy job, but I do believe that one of the easier parts of his job has been wholly botched by his Holiness.

You see, the Catholic Church has a major, unwavering issue of the most heinous order:  The harboring and/or habitual creation of predatory pedophiles among their ranks.

This isn’t a new issue, nor is it one that is waning in the least bit.  This is a continuous, abhorrent abuse of power occurring in what should be a relatively tight-knit religious community.  (After all, if your religious community isn’t tight knit, what’s the point?)

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For the Pope, this should be simple:  Denounce pedophilia and its practicers every time you open your mouth, and every time that you put pen to paper, until the day that you die for the day that the problem is solved, whichever comes first.

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Instead, Pope Francis has taken several opportunities to sow doubt about the American President’s politics – something that The Vatican has literally no legal say in.

“I see that many people of good will, not only Catholics, are a bit gripped by fear, which is the usual message of populism,” the pope told reporters aboard the papal plane returning from Morocco to Rome.

“They sow fear and then make decisions. Fear is the beginning of dictatorships,” he said. “Let’s go back to the last century, to the fall of the Weimar Republic. I repeat this a lot. Germany needed a way out and, with promises and fears, Hitler came forward.”

Then, this:

“We know the result. Let’s learn from history, this is not new: To sow fear is to make a harvest of cruelty, closures, and even sterility,” he said.

Unfortunately, we all know the result of ignoring the Catholic Church’s pedophilia problem as well, thanks to the constant deflections of Pope Francis.

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