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Portland Mayor’s Home Targeted by Late Night Agitators, Some Attempting Arson

Police were then forced to declare a “riot” – which is something that has become a bit of a nightly ritual in Portland.

In Portland, Oregon, the days have been filled with protests and demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality.  As night falls, however, a completely disparate scene tends to erupt.

When the peaceful protesters go home for the day, the extremists and the agitators take to the streets.  These are cretins and miscreants, hellbent on fomenting chaos and anarchy.  These are hooligans whose goal is to antagonize the police and the government to the point of no return, and they come from both ends of the political spectrum.

The far-left wants the nation to believe that this is “Trump’s America”, and they’ve been ratcheting up their rhetoric and violence in order to attach the President’s name to the mayhem.

On the right, the goal is to antagonize the leftists to the point where they commit atrocious acts of vandalism and violence, and then turn to the world and say “this is what you’ll get from the Democrats”.

In both cases, the behavior is about as un-American as it gets.

Monday night in Portland was more of the same, sadly.

Portland Police declared a riot on Monday after roughly hundreds of protesters marched on Mayor Ted Wheeler’s residence at a condominium tower to demand his resignation, according to reports.

The crowd of about 200 were there to mockingly celebrate the mayor’s birthday before the demonstration quickly turned destructive and an “arson fire” was reported, police said.

Protesters lit a fire in the street, as some danced to the “Macarena,” according to Allison Mechanic, a reporter for KATU News who posted the video on Twitter. Others placed a picnic table from a nearby business above the fire to feed the blaze.

Police were then forced to declare a “riot” – which is something that has become a bit of a nightly ritual in Portland.

Homeland Security Chief Chad Wolf on Tuesday threatened Mayor Wheeler with the reintroduction of federal troops should the violence continue.

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