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Possible Video of Mysterious ‘Jetpack Man’ Over Los Angeles Confirms Pilot Sightings

This story just keeps getting weirder.

The last thing you want from an airplane pilot is doubt in his or her own faculties.  If your pilot thinks they’re going crazy, or that their eyes are failing them, it’s time to get off that plane.

And this is no picnic for the pilot either.  Feeling as though you’ve been in control of a machine of that magnitude while under some mysterious ailment or mental episode can be a life-altering bit of stress.

This sort of worry has been flashing across the minds of pilots in the Los Angeles area for months now, as reports began to trickle in of man flying a jetpack around the area of a local airport.

This week, the pilots who’ve reported the strange occurrence found a little solace and vindication.

When it comes to weird stories that keep getting weirder, the elusive “Jet Pack Guy” of Los Angeles pretty much takes the cake. After multiple reported sightings from airline pilots on more than one occasion of a guy in a jet pack flying around at thousands of feet near Los Angeles International Airport—some of the most congested airspace on earth—as well as ongoing FAA and FBI investigations into the matter, we now have credible video of what seems to be the flying object in question.

The footage doesn’t come to us from some random Reddit board or YouTube channel, either. It was taken during an instructional flight from Sling Pilot Academy in the training area off Palos Verdes. We reached out to the flight school, which is based out of Zamperini Field, in Torrence, California for additional details.

The encounter was spooky.

One of the pilots involved in the bizarre incident told The War Zone that they were flying along their route in the practice area between Palos Verdes and Catalina Islands when they caught what appeared to at least resemble a guy in a jet pack flying towards them in the opposite direction at about 3,000 feet. The object passed along the right side of their aircraft and kept going until it was out of sight.

Video of the encounter was soon circulating on social media:

There are plenty of theories circulating as to who could be flying this machine around, from secretive military tests to eccentric billionaires.  But, given the timing of this latest sighting, one has to wonder if ol’ Saint Nick didn’t use his COVID-19 downtime to make some upgrades to his travel rig.

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