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POTUS enthusiastically and consistently trolls war-hawk John Bolton – TO HIS FACE – at White House

The President’s sense of humor has been on full display in his repeated berating of Bolton.

President Trump is often a unique and boisterous communicator, taking his opponents to task on Twitter with savage and succinct slights.

Of course, the liberal left has used this against Trump, painting the President as cruel and uncouth whenever they have an opportunity to spin what comes off of the Commander in Chief’s thumbs.  This constant, biased regurgitation of the President’s statements has made household names of lawmakers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has cemented her reputation as a social media thorn in Donald Trump’s side.

Apparently, Trump’s trolling doesn’t end at Twitter, however, as evidenced by the latest report out of the White House.

Donald Trump likes to goad his national security adviser John Bolton about his lust for military action, according to officials who have spoken out on their relationship.

As Iran claims to have captured spies working for the US and accuses Mr Bolton of trying to start “war of the century”, new details have emerged of the president’s fondness for baiting his adviser in the company of top officials – including foreign dignitaries.

The President’s comments toward Bolton are downright hilarious, knowing that the national security adviser has a history as a war-hawk.

During a White House Situation Room meeting last year, Mr Trump reportedly said to his hawkish national security chief: “Ok, John, let me guess, you want to nuke them all?”

According to the report by the Axios website, Mr Trump turned to Mr Bolton in an Oval Office meeting with Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar and said: “John, is Ireland one of those countries you want to invade?”

President Trump recently called off a retaliatory airstrike against Iran on the premise that the casualties would have been “disproportionate” to the Middle Eastern country’s offense of downing an American military drone in the region.

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