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POTUS Suggests Peach State Governor Could ‘Call Off’ Senate Runoff Election

That’s what we call an “attention-getter”.

President Trump is a businessman, first and foremost, and his negotiation style in the late stages of his first term seems to be rooted in one of the business world’s most vaulted traits:  Loyalty.

And Trump hasn’t been shy about this, not in the least.  It has been completely obvious from the word go that he would be wielding his power and the power of his voting base to leverage lesser politicians.  This is the way it has always been, but Trump is the first Commander in Chief to removed the disguise or pull back this curtain so literally.

Now Trump is pressuring Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia  to use his “emergency powers” to re-analyze some of the state’s mail-in ballots, reminding Kemp in no uncertain terms about the endorsement that Trump bestowed upon him in 2018.

Kemp has refused, and this has pushed Trump to suggest something even more forceful.

President Donald Trump seemed to demand that the upcoming Senate runoff election in Georgia be called off. The race is set to determine control of the Senate.

“Do something Brian Kemp,” Trump tweeted at the Republican governor of the state. “You allowed your state to be scammed. We must check signatures and count signed envelopes against ballots. Then call off election. It won’t be needed. We will all WIN!

Trump issued a series of blistering tweets assailing the Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia on Tuesday. Both states have certified the results of the election in favor of Joe Biden, with Georgia doing so after a hand recount that confirmed the president’s defeat. Trump said this week he was ashamed to have endorsed Kemp and pressured him to overturn the results.

The aforementioned tweet was flagged by Twitter as potential electoral misinformation – something that has become a common feature of Trump’s social media presence as of late.


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