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President Trump Blasts the FBI, Says They ‘Tormented’ General Michael Flynn

How will we ever trust the FBI again?

This week has not been kind to the Deep State, after a series of explosive revelations have arrived in the case of General Michael Flynn.

The former national security advisor has been charged with lying to the FBI during their “RussiaGate” investigation, although the Bureau itself had previously admitted that Flynn likely did not realize that his statements were false.

Furthermore, Flynn’s first legal team was so inept that the highly decorated military man is now attempting to withdraw his guilty plea under the guidance of a powerful new amalgam of legal minds.

Then, as if to put a cherry on top of the entire strange sundae, it was revealed yesterday via handwritten notes that investigators had openly considered tricking Flynn into lying simply to charge him – something that they believed would put extra pressure on the White House to cooperate.

These revelations infuriated President Trump, who lashed out today in anger over the situation.

President Trump vigorously defended his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Thursday after the disclosure of explosive new FBI documents in the case, but stopped short of saying he will pardon him.

FBI notes related to the agency’s January 2017 interview of Flynn concerning his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were unsealed Wednesday, revealing that there was discussion over whether investigators were trying to get to the truth or looking to get Flynn to lie so he could be prosecuted or fired.

“They tormented him,” Trump said when taking questions following a meeting with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. The president went on to say that how the FBI treated Flynn, former Trump associate Roger Stone, and others was “a disgrace.”

Trump was asked whether he would pardon Flynn. He did not answer one way or the other, but maintained that Flynn did nothing wrong, and was the victim of “dirty cops” in the FBI.

“General Flynn is a fine man,” Trump said. “You don’t get to be where he is by being bad.”

Flynn was an early target of the RussiaGate investigation, and the revealing of this FBI dirty work has many Americans wondering if the entire fiasco was nothing more than a fishing expedition in which our anglers used dynamite instead of a rod and reel.

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