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President Trump Drops Truth Bomb Regarding Scope of ObamaGate Scandal

He’s not wrong, you know…

As President Trump continues to coast toward a surefire electoral landslide and a second term in the Oval Office, his promise to drain the swamp is coming to fruition in ever bolder ways.

Over the course of the last several weeks, this drive to rid Washington of its rats and snakes has taken particular aim at the work of the Obama administration, particularly during the later days of No. 44’s second term, in which a massive investigation was being launched into the purported connection between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.  That scandal, known then as “RussiaGate” has now been swallowed whole by a larger, far more worrisome controversy known as “ObamaGate” – in which the entire Russia-collusion theory was seemingly concocted as a path toward delegitimizing the election of Trump himself.

The President put this scandal into perspective in a major way today.


And, as if that weren’t enough…

“New papers make CLEAR that the Obama Administration SPIED, in an unprecedented manner, on the Trump Campaign and beyond, and even on the United States Senate,” he wrote.

Trump spent Tuesday night retweeting news and information on Twitter about the Russia “hoax” investigation as Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grennell spent his last day declassifying new documents about the case.

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany suggested the newly confirmed Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe could release more information about the tactics used by the FBI and the Obama administration to spy on Trump’s campaign.

“This President has overseen an ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) that has given the American people a lot of information that I think they’re entitled to see,” she said during a press briefing. “And one of the things the President has asked for is, where are the 302s — the summaries of that interview with Michael Flynn?”

The 302’s in question were likely the handiwork of FBI Agent Joe Pientka, who has been squirreled away by the FBI in recent weeks, despite numerous calls to have him testify before Congress on the controversial subject.

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