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President Trump Excoriates Democrats on Multiple Fronts During Cabinet Meeting

Trump gave the Democrats a lot of grief this afternoon…all of it well-deserved.

The President is not happy, but who can blame him?

Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign included a rallying cry like no other in modern politics, with the soon-to-be Commander in Chief promising his supporters at over-capacity rallies that he would march into Washington DC and “drain the swamp”.  This anti-corruption ethos sent career politicians scrambling for a retort that wouldn’t automatically out themselves as swamp creatures, while still attempting to hold onto their cushy corporate kickbacks and lobbying cash.

Trump was to be no ordinary President, and he has continuously demonstrated this fact time and again.

Today was no exception, as Trump went on a scorching diatribe against the Democrats, in front of TV cameras, from the West Wing.

On Syria:

“Where is the agreement that says we have to stay in the Middle East for the rest of humanity? For the rest of civilization, to protect the Kurds? We’ve taken very good care of them,” Trump said. “We’re bringing our troops back home. I got elected by bringing our troops back home.”

On impeachment:

“I think these people, it’s terrible what they’re doing—Pelosi, Shifty Schiff, Schumer—these people are trying to destroy the country,” Trump said. “It’s a very bad thing that they’re doing.”

“They want to impeach me because it’s the only way they’re gonna win,” Trump said. “It’s so illegitimate. It cannot be the way our great founders meant this to be.”

He went on to say: “The president of the United States should be allowed to run the country not have to focus on this kind of crap–while at the same time, doing a great job on Syria, and Turkey and all of the other things that we’re doing.”

Then, on the controversy over his choice of location for next year’s G-7 summit:

“Doral was a very simple situation,” he said, noting he planned to host the event there at “no cost.” “It would have been great, but the Democrats went crazy, even though I would have done it free.”

“’Oh, you’ll be getting promotion,’—I get more promotion than any human being that’s ever lived, some good, some bad, the people who like me give me only the good, the people who don’t like me give me only bad—I don’t need promotion,” he continued.

And while the left will certainly spin the President’s words in order to paint him as “unhinged”, this anti-establishment rhetoric is precisely why the nation elected Donald Trump in the first place.


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