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President Trump insists Adam Schiff resign from Congress

The Commander in Chief did not mince his words.

The war on Capitol Hill is heating up once again this week, as President Trump takes aim at the democratic demagogues who wish to see him impeached.

For days on end this battle has raged, all thanks to a second-hand complaint by an anonymous whistleblower within the White House, who has alleged that President Trump acted improperly during phone alls with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

At the forefront on this latest aggression against the President is House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who is no stranger to butting heads with Donald Trump.

During yesterday’s public testimony by acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, Schiff spouted off an imaginary conversation in which Donald Trump and President Zelensky exchanged salacious words.  Schiff has insisted that his words were easily understood to be “parody”, but the Commander in Chief isn’t buying it.

“Rep. Adam Schiff fraudulently read to Congress, with millions of people watching, a version of my conversation with the President of Ukraine that doesn’t exist,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump accused Schiff of lying to the House Intelligence Committee during a hearing on Thursday by dramatizing falsified quotes of the conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president. In response, Schiff claimed he was only attempting a “parody” of the conversation.

President Trump then went for the jugular.

“HE WAS DESPERATE AND HE GOT CAUGHT,” Trump wrote, pointing to the failed attempt by Schiff to embellish and dramatize the conversation.

“Adam Schiff therefore lied to Congress and attempted to defraud the American Public,” he wrote. “He has been doing this for two years. I am calling for him to immediately resign from Congress based on this fraud!”

The feud between Trump and Schiff has been simmering for some time, with the President having given the Congressman the unfortunate dual nicknames “Little Adam Schiff” and “pencil neck”.

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