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President Trump is Revamping His Legal Team as Impeachment Inquiry Grows

When the Democrats play this dirty, there’s no shame in upping your legal game.

President Donald Trump is getting hammered by the liberal left these days, as they continue to push forward with their “formal impeachment inquiry”.

Despite instruction to the contrary, a number of former White House and State Department aides are testifying in the matter, and what little information leaks out of these secretive hearings is being spun heartily to the left by the mainstream media.

Still, Donald Trump has been putting on a brave face as of late, tearing into both the politicians behind the farce and the propaganda masters who are propping them up.

Behind the scenes, however, the President is preparing for the worst.

In a sign of the growing realization of his potential jeopardy, Trump has brought back Jane and Marty Raskin, criminal defense attorneys who were part of his legal team during the Mueller investigation, to help him navigate the impeachment inquiry, along with his attorney Jay Sekulow and White House lawyers. Their return is a late acknowledgment, some White House advisers say, that the facts coming out are bad for the president and that both his White House and personal attorneys need to try to get in front of what else may emerge.

The president’s reconstituted legal team is racing to master details about the administration’s dealings with Ukraine, along with the efforts of their longtime co-counsel, Rudolph W. Giuliani, to push Ukraine officials to investigate Trump’s Democratic rivals.

Meanwhile, White House officials have begun holding regular impeachment strategy meetings, often in the Situation Room. Some advisers are discussing bringing in a veteran lawyer with impeachment experience and actively seeking a communications strategist, according to advisers and officials.

The Commander in Chief has maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings, even going so far as to release materials pertinent to the investigation directly to Congress in the days following the announcement of the investigation.

This revamping of the legal team may not be for potential guilt, and instead, may be occurring as insurance against possible malfeasance by the “resistance”-prone Democrats.

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