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President Trump Uses N-Word, Anti-Jewish Slurs According to Niece Mary

The White House has consistently insisted that Mary Trump’s recent book is a fictional tome full of hyperbole and nonsense.

From the moment that Donald Trump began his political career, the liberal left has been looking for a way to demean and defile him.  They’ve tried to downplay his fiscal prowess, they’ve attempted to pin him to porn stars, they’ve even insinuated that he’s in love with his own daughter.  And, as wild as these complaints are, the attack they’ve used most often is just as out there:  Donald Trump is allegedly a racist.

This asinine accusation began when Trump was promising to construct a wall on the border between the US and Mexico, something that a number of prominent Democrats were ironically in favor of for years before Donald Trump rose to power.  In order to toe the party line, they flip-flopped, and began lobbing accusations of bigotry toward the eventual Commander in Chief.

And it hasn’t stopped:  The left has tied every syllable uttered by the President to some form of racism, in an attempt overtly vilify him before the 2020 election.

Even his niece Mary Trump, whose recent cash-grab publication makes a number of assertions about the President’s upbringing, is now trying to tell the world that her uncle is fond of using racial slurs.

From a recent appearance with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC:

Maddow said, “I have to press you on it a little bit just to ask if the president, if your uncle, was an exception to that in your family or if he — if you ever heard — you ever heard him express either his anti-Semitic slurs, or the N-word, or other racist slurs or other sentiments like that. Do you mean this was an ambient thing in your family, but you can’t say you ever heard it from him, or did you hear it from him, too?”

“Oh yeah, of course, I did,” she replied. “And I don’t think that should surprise anybody, given how virulently racist he is today.”

Maddow asked, “Have you heard the president use the N-word?”

Trump said, “Yeah.”

Maddow asked, “And anti-Semitic smears specifically?”

Trump said, “Yes.”

The White House has roundly rejected Mary Trump’s book as a work of fiction, categorically denying a great many of the claims within.

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