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President Trump Will Leave Walter Reed Monday Evening, Says Latest Tweet

The President’s physicians did admit that Trump is not “out of the woods” as of yet.

President Donald Trump’s battle with COVID-19 took a strange turn on Monday, as a presidential tweet started making the rounds shortly after lunchtime on the east coast.

The President had flown to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday of last week after testing positive for the coronavirus either a day or two earlier.  It has been reported that the President was not a fan of the plan of heading to the hospital, concerned that the optics of the move could make him appear weak with little over a month to go until the 2020 election.  Advisers then reminded the Commander in Chief that, should his condition worsen, the optics could then include a wheelchair or a stretcher.  Trump was boarding Marine One soon after.

Trump’s weekend in the hospital was a bit confusing for the American public, as conflicting reports were being given by White House advisers, Trump’s own physician, and other involved parties.

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Now, in a move that seemed highly unlikely just hours ago, President Trump is leaving Walter Reed Medical Center according to his latest tweet.

Trump’s doctors spoke to the American public just after 3pm EDT, stating that the President’s last fever was over 72 hours ago, and that he would be receiving world class medical care back at the White House.

The President’s physicians did admit that Trump is not “out of the woods” as of yet.

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