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Pressure mounts for Labor Secretary to resign over his ‘sweetheart deal’ for Jeffrey Epstein

If you think that this is just about democrats out to “get” Trump, you’ve got another thing coming.

The political world was rocked this week by the arrest of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein on charges of child sex trafficking and a related count of conspiracy.

Epstein’s arrest was a surprise, but not over his actions; the world has long known that the wealthy influence-peddler had pedophiliac tendencies.  In fact, 15 years ago, Epstein was arrested in Florida for similar crimes.  The reason that the world sat up and took notice was because he actually got caught.

Of course, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “how does a pedophile get caught twice?  Why wasn’t he locked in a cell after the first instance?”.  The answer boils down to Epstein’s incredibly, unprecedentedly lenient sentence in that first case.

The man who orchestrated that sentence is Alex Acosta, who now serves as the US Labor Secretary, and his involvement with the billionaire pedophile’s kid-glove treatment has caused a great number of politicians to call for his immediate resignation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi late Monday called on Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to step down for what she called an “unconscionable agreement” with Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged earlier with sex trafficking in New York City federal court.

Pelosi said in a tweet late Monday that Acosta’s agreement with Epstein was kept from his “young victims” and prevented them from seeking justice. She said Trump was aware of the background when Acosta was appointed.

Congressman Jerry Nadler also made a statement, parroting Pelosi’s belief that Acosta should immediately resign or be fired.

And if you think that this is a partisan issue, with the left out to demonize the President, somehow, for Acosta’s behavior, you’d be wrong.

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., told Fox News that Epstein’s initial sentence was “absurd” and said it is not a time “for people to say, ‘oh, is a Republican or Democrat going to be implicated?’ Every American should stand on the side of those little girls.”

President Trump has so far stood by Acosta, stating that he has done a terrific job as Labor Secretary, but it is unlikely that the American people are willing to let Acosta slide that easily.

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