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Proud Boys Conjure Confusing Conspiracy Theory Ahead of January 6th Demonstration

So, Proud Boys will dress like Antifa so that the DC Mayor is responsible for the violence on Wednesday? This is getting a bit convoluted.

With a number of pro-Trump groups headed to DC in the coming days, there is no shortage of  preemptive “blame game” being played.

The MAGA wing of the Republican Party is hoping that their presence in the nation’s capital will help bolster President Trump and several GOP Senators’ efforts to overturn the 2020 election wholesale.  Joining the fray will also be the controversial Proud Boys organization, who’ve been designated as a hate group by the SPLC.

Just yesterday, Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, was arrested for an incident that occurred back in the first half of December, prompting a number of the group’s supporters to suggest that the arrest was meant as a warning to the group.

Now, some within the MAGA-sphere are claiming that any violence that should occur on Wednesday is a ploy to further taint the group’s public image.

Matt Couch of America First Media Group explained:

Couch said that Tarrio is facing misdemeanor charges and is going to “make bail easily” following his arrest. He also suggested that Tarrio will be present at the upcoming pro-Trump protests in Washington on January 6 to coincide with the Congressional certification of the president’s election defeat to Joe Biden.

Couch also repeated previous reports that the Proud Boys will be dressed in black similar to far-left protesters antifa at the rallies.

“What Enrique was arrested for was he took a fall for other patriots. He didn’t do anything, but he’s the guy taking the fall,” Couch said.

“Enrique is going to be fine…and the Proud Boys boys are going to be here, they’re going to be protecting patriots. They will be kind of infiltrating antifa groups and dressing like them to protect us.”

And then…

Predicting there will be violence at the upcoming rallies protests in Washington, Couch also suggested that any fighting or destruction will be the work of Washington Mayor Murial Bowser and the “deep state”—a conspiracy theory claiming there is a secret layer in government of unofficial individuals and advisers that influence key decisions and policies.

“Mayor Murial Bowser and the deep state are behind anything that happens during this peaceful protest. Make no mistake about it.

“If there’s any violence that breaks out I can assure you that it was not started by patriots, it was not started by Proud Boys, it was not started by Trump supporters. It will be started by antifa members and patriots defending themselves.”

Leftist groups have largely opted out of organizing counter-protests for Wednesday, stating via social media their hopes of remaining out of the fray.

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