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Proud Boys Unleash Additional Threats on DC: ‘Will Terrify the Evil Elites’

And they certainly weren’t subtle about it.

Yesterday’s attack on the US Capitol is being condemned wide and far on Thursday, as international leaders, American politicians, and everyone not living in a cave is bombarded with the images that came from The Beltway.

Just 24 hours ago, an agitated mob of President Trump’s supporters took to the US Capitol in anger over the 2020 election – a contest that President Trump has been declaring “stolen” for weeks on end.  The crowd overwhelmed Capitol Police, gained access to some of the innermost quarters of the people’s house, and made a grand show of it.  At the end of the day, 4 people were dead:  Three from medical emergencies, and one who was shot dead while attempting to breach the Speaker’s Gallery section of the building.

Among the crowd were elements of a number of organized protest groups, including the infamous Proud Boys, who were not only living up to their name by bragging online about their actions, but also issuing new threats for DC in the not-so-distant future. 

On the Proud Boys’ Parler account – which is a Twitter-style social media platform – an image of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk was posted along with the message: “We will not back down.”

And on their Telegram site, the militia group boasted of terrifying politicians.

They wrote: “For several hours, our collective strength had politicians in Washington in absolute terror.

“The treacherous pawns (cops) were also terrified.”

“We are everywhere.”

And that wasn’t all:

And in a promise for more violence, they posted: “Things will get difficult soon but don’t lose heart.

“We are growing and our unity will terrify the evil elites running this nation.”

Back on Parler, the group posted a picture of the rioters claiming they were “liberating” the US.

They wrote: “Doesn’t look like they’re destroying the capital.

“Looks like they’re liberating it.”

The FBI is currently asking anyone who can help to identify those who breached the Capitol to reach out with information.

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