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Putin Plotting Shocking New Mobilization, Specifically Targeting…

This could wound an entire generation of Russian society.

Russia’s forces appear to be depleting at a far more rapid pace than Vladimir Putin had expected.   In fact, the Russian army falling flat on its face for the whole world to see was a stunning turn of global events that will almost certainly be the harbinger of Putin’s demise…one way or another.

And so, in these final throes of impassioned imperialism, Putin is throwing just about all he’s got at Ukraine, including a potential new mobilization that wipe out a rather large portion of an entire generation of Russian scholars. 

A new wave of mobilisation in Russia may affect full-time students in higher education institutions.

Source: Press service of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence Quote: “The Russian Federation is taking measures to ensure the next wave of mobilisation. Currently, they are actively building up capabilities to ensure the mass mobilisation of students from higher education institutions.”

Details: According to Defence Intelligence, so-called “notification stations” are being set up to assist military enlistment offices in delivering enlistment notices to full-time students.

The decision was not only coming quickly, but also under the legal umbrella of the last such maneuver.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine recalls that no additional legal grounds are needed for the next wave of mobilisation in Russia, as the “partial mobilisation” announced in September 2022 has not been officially completed.

The intelligence states that the mobilisation in Russia will probably be carried out before 1 April, the start of the spring conscription. If necessary, the start of the draft may be postponed.

Putin’s devil may care attitude may have once frightened the global community, but perhaps no more, and this latest desperate attempt to cling to an unachievable dream could see him forever remembered as the man who sent Russia’s best and brightest off to be cannon fodder in the suburbs of Kyiv.

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