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PUTIN WINS! America Irreparably Divides Itself Down Imaginary Partisan Lines

We The People and The Kremlin both agree on one thing:  United we stand, divided we fall.

America; it’s time to get real….and I mean real.

Shut off the high-paid talking heads on television, and quit arguing over the authenticity of that latest meme making the rounds on Facebook.  We can no longer afford that sort of whimsical angst, and, even if we could, now is not the time.

We are now living in a nation, and a world, whose strings are being pulled by a maniacal  pseudo-dictator in Moscow.

I am not insinuating that Donald Trump is a puppet of The Kremlin.  In fact, much of the Mueller report seems to indicate otherwise, and I, like many other Americans are inclined to believe it.

But, given what we know about the insidious and complex machinations of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin throughout their history, there may never have been a plan to fully compromise Donald Trump at all.

If we’re being honest, and keeping it real, all Vladimir Putin wants is to damage the United States…however he can.

Putin doesn’t need Trump in his pocket to achieve this, as evidenced by the way in which we are reacting to the release of the Mueller report.  All Putin needed was a divisive figure to win the Oval Office.  Then, the Russian President could simply sit back and wait.

After all, the Russian government blatantly tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign – that much is abundantly and undeniably clear.  But Putin didn’t need to succeed in co-opting Trump himself.  All he truly required was for this attempt to be so obvious that it would have to be investigated by the Department of Justice.

Russia commits the unscrupulous acts, and a so-far inculpable Donald Trump would take the heat for it.

This sows the seeds of doubt in the American populace, who, fueled by the mainstream media, would then eat themselves alive.

That is precisely what we are doing, and it is only behooves our enemies…Russia being one of them.

Vladimir Putin needn’t be in control of Donald Trump.   Vladimir Putin simply needed Trump to rise and fall dramatically, and he could have easily achieved this by simply trying to interject himself into the campaign of a political novice who enjoys winning.

Trump’s team likely acted inappropriately when it came to offers of assistance from Russia, but the Mueller report seems to indicate that this was done without understanding the criminality of their actions. After all, seeking out dirt on a political opponent isn’t a crime…something that is well understood by the nefarious minds at The Kremlin.

Now, America has a choice:  Give Vladimir Putin what he wants by continuing this farce known as “partisanship”, or unite in order to rebuild our nation’s true patriotism.

After all, patriots and The Kremlin both agree on one thing:  United we stand, divided we fall.

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