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Qanon Followers Pondered Posing as Military to Infiltrate Biden Inauguration

The threat was first exposed by the FBI.

There has been a great deal of conversation over the last few days about what sort of demonstrations we could see in Washington on Wednesday, and whether or not another round of violence could be coming with them.

Of particular concern was the possibility that members of the National Guard or Capitol Police could be a part of some “inside job” plot, where they turn on the inauguration from their close and personal vantage point.

The worry was enough to have the FBI do additional screenings for the Guard, with at least two members having already been removed from the ranks due to their ties to extremist groups.

In addition to that worrisome possibility, there are now reports that followers of the Qanon phenomenon are considering disguising themselves as soldiers in order to infiltrate the event.

The FBI privately warned law enforcement agencies Monday that far-right extremists have discussed posing as National Guard members in Washington and that others have reviewed maps of vulnerable spots in the city – signs of potential efforts to disrupt Wednesday’s inauguration, according to an intelligence report obtained by The Washington Post.

The document, a summary of threats that the FBI identified in a Monday intelligence briefing, warned that “lone wolves” and adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory, some of whom participated in the violent siege on the Capitol on Jan. 6, have indicated that they plan to come to Washington for President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.

The FBI also said it had observed people downloading and sharing maps of sensitive locations in Washington and discussing how those facilities could be used to interfere in security during the inauguration.

Hardcore believers in Q have been calling January 19th and 20th “popcorn days”, believing that some breathtaking and dramatic events are set to unfold that could keep Donald Trump in office for another 4 years.  In one such scenario, the National Guard, under the direction of still-Commander-in-Chief Trump, arrests a number of prominent politicians on Wednesday for “treason”, after they certified the results of what they believe was a fraudulent election back on January 6th.



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