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Rand Paul Takes Swipe at Trump After ‘Total Authority’ Remark

People are perhaps reading a little too deeply into the President’s statement.

President Trump has a way of ruffling feathers, that’s for sure, but what many fail to realize is just how purposeful it is.

The Commander in Chief is bombastic at times, and downright shocking every now and again.  The outrage against him for these statements or actions is, however, fairly often manufactured by a mainstream media who wishes to see him ousted.  Trump uses these “ah-ha” moments to put his opponents on their heels, and then, just when he thinks that they can’t look any more outlandish, he’ll nudge them again.

It’s a tactic that has made a great many in the mainstream media appear rather foolish.

His latest “sensational” statement, in which Trump insinuated that the President has “total authority” over the states when it comes time to reopen the country, even got Kentucky Senator Rand Paul a little fired up.

“The constitution doesn’t allow the federal gov’t to become the ultimate regulator of our lives because they wave a doctor’s note,” Paul said.

“Powers not delegated are RESERVED to states & the PEOPLE. If we dispense with constitutional restraints, we will have more to worry about than a virus.”

The statements made by Trump, which also irked New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, certainly were a little bold…even for Trump.

During the coronavirus briefing Monday, Trump said, “when somebody is the President of the United States the authority is total, and that’s the way it’s got to be.”

“The authority of the president of the United States, having to do with the subject we’re talking about, is total,” he added.

Sarcastic Twitter users, who understood the nuance of the President’s statement, responded by pushing #KingTrump to trend on Tuesday afternoon.

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