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Reddit ‘quarantines’ site’s largest Donald Trump supporters group

The quarantine process is meant to make these Trump supporters appear dangerous.

Social media has undeniably become a battlefield for free speech here in America, as the privatization of the public domain continues to trample on The Constitution.

Trigged by the election of Donald Trump, the bigwigs of the social media world have been slowly admitting their liberal biases.  They shadowban, de-platform, and demonetize any and all who work to expose the liberal agenda and the censorship that is being utilized to promote it.

Now Reddit – a community once heralded as a bastion of free speech in the US – is jumping onboard the fascism train, taking steps to make the largest Trump-supporting community on the site more difficult to access.

The biggest forum for supporters of President Donald Trump on Reddit has been “quarantined” following months of incitements to violence and other offensive behavior, the tech giant said Wednesday, in a move that could further inflame conservatives’ claims of social-media bias.

The forum, called “r/The_Donald,” has long served as a highly trafficked and controversial gathering place for supporters of Trump and Republicans on Reddit, the United States’ fifth-most popular website.

For many, the calls to violence recognized by Reddit administrators are a sticky subject, often attributed to accounts with questionable motives.

The quarantine process is meant to make these Trump supporters appear dangerous.

Quarantines are rare punishments imposed on only the forums Reddit has deemed most offensive or upsetting. Past quarantines have been imposed on forums devoted to white supremacy, Sept. 11 conspiracy theories and videos of fatal violence.

Recent developments in Oregon are being blamed for the quarantine after democratic lawmakers in the Beaver State threatened to use state police to round up republican legislators for a forced vote on a climate initiative.  On r/The_Donald, several militia groups were believed to have suggested that this escalation of partisan hackery could lead to a physical standoff between the warring factions.

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