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Rep-Elect Holds ‘Funeral’ for Turkey to Sidestep Strict COVID Guidelines

Lauren Boebert has discovered the bereavement buffet loophole.

With the Thanksgiving holiday now upon us, Americans will be taking time to reflect on the past year…and boy is there a whole lot to reflect on.

This was a wild journey of a year, full of twists and turns carved out of the mountain of COVID-19.  And, like some windy road that you’d find in a BMW commercial, COVID-19 made everything a little more dangerous.  If you don’t play it safe, not only will you be running off the road, but a cliff as well.

And this has pushed some of our lawmakers and authorities to the brink of their sanity, as they enact incredibly strict lockdown measures ahead of Thanksgiving in order to prevent the spread of this virus.

In Colorado, a soon-to-be Congresswoman is demonstrating the absurdity of it all by holding a turkey funeral as opposed to a holiday dinner.

Incoming Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, an anti-big government Republican who previously defied local shutdown orders, said she’s finding a creative way to bypass Colorado’s Thanksgiving gathering restrictions by having a “funeral” for a dead turkey.

Boebert, who has railed against coronavirus lockdown rules, called out Colorado’s limits on personal gatherings to 10 people while “life-rite” gatherings like funerals can have many more people.

“In Colorado, Thanksgiving is limited to 10 people, but funerals are limited to 30,” Boebert told Fox News in a recent interview in Washington, D.C., during congressional orientation. “So I’m going to have a peaceful funeral for a turkey and have about 30 people at my house.”

Oh, and Boebert had jokes.

Reached Wednesday, Boebert confirmed her “funeral” plans for Thanksgiving but also quipped that her guest limit should actually be allowed to increase since she’s added two more dead animals to the menu, a pig and a duck.

This bereavement buffet loophole could behoove Boebert, as she herself is also a restaurant owner.

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