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Rob Reiner Says President Trump is Pushing USA into ‘Axis of Autocracy’

Don’t be fooled; this is the same old “Trump is Hitler” nonsense as before.

Hollywood is at it once again, attempting to assert their celebrity weight over the machinations of our nation’s political machinations.

It is no secret that a great many of Tinsel Town’s most well known faces find themselves sneering in the direction of Donald Trump.  This began at the very onset of Trump’s political career, and was embodied by the despicable and gruesome stunt pulled by actress Kathy Griffin, who posed with the realistic facsimile of Donald Trump’s severed head for a bloody and provocative photoshoot.

From that moment on, no attack on President Trump would ever be considered outrageous again, giving the left free range to do as they please with near-impunity.

Now, legendary Hollywood Direction Rob Reiner is again on the attack, this time invoking the language of the second World War to make his point.

Hollywood leftist Director Rob Reiner on Sunday accused President Donald Trump of “shredding” the Constitution as part of a plot to align the United States with what he claimed is the “Axis of Autocracy.”

“We have to stop being surprised when Trump sides with Putin or MBS. He’s allied with them. Whether it’s personal financial interests or Kompromat or both, he’s rejecting our Democratic allies and shredding our Constitution to make US part of an Axis of Autocracy,” Reiner said.

The When Harry Met Sally director’s comments appear to be a reference to President Trump’s reaction to Friday’s deadly shooting at a U.S. Navy base, which was carried out by a Saudi national.

It is likely Reiner’s intention to conjure fears of Adolph Hitler and his cohorts by adopting the “axis” terminology, making this no better than any other previous comparisons the left has made between Donald Trump and the leader of the Third Reich.

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