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Robert Mueller WILL Testify Before Congress With Newly Struck Deal

Bill Barr’s congressional testimony was marred by the petulant partisanship of his hosts. Perhaps Mueller’s time in the hot seat will be more productive.

Perhaps, at long last, the American people will soon be able to put this long national nightmare to rest.

Today’s testimony from Attorney General Bill Barr proved only one thing:  The Beltway is infested with snakes, rats, and a plethora of other political pests who certainly don’t have the best interests of the American people at heart.

We saw it in the clearly partisan questioning of Barr, with kindness on the right and killer instinct on the left.  Barr, whose position as Attorney General requires that he remain neutral, grew frustrated at times with the questioning from democrats, and his quips perhaps imbued him with an undue perception of his own…something that we will no doubt see analyzed ad nauseam in the mainstream media over the course of the next few days.

Thanks to the focus of the testimony being squarely set on bolstering the public persona of those asking the questions, particularly late in the hearing, We The People were again denied what we deserve and require:  The full and honest truth.

Our “public servants” will have a chance to redeem themselves, however, as Robert Mueller looks set to testify himself…at least according to Jerry Nadler.

The Democratic chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee said on Wednesday an agreement had been reached to have Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify to Congress on his probe into Russian election interference and possible attempts by the President Donald Trump to impede the probe.

The tentative date will be set for sometime in May, according to those involved, but no specific date or time has been released publicly.


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