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Ron DeSantis’ Latest 2024 Clue is a DOOZY

This has got to be the final clue, right?

When it comes to the 2024 presidential election, there are still plenty of known unknowns to sort through on both sides of the aisle.

All we know for sure at this juncture is that Donald Trump and Nikki Haley are both officially running for the Republicans nomination and Marianne Williamson has thrown her hat in the ring for the Democrats.  Incumbent President Joe Biden is likely to run, with an announcement reportedly slated for sometime in April.

And then there’s Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who is also believed to be preparing to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.  While DeSantis has been playing fairly coy about the whole thing, some of his behind the scenes maneuvering is blatant.

This week, the biggest clue to DeSantis’ intentions yet has arrived.

For the last several cycles, presidential candidates have launched their primary campaigns with slick, lengthy campaign videos. These have a fairly common format: initial focus on status-quo gloom, a few quick cuts to talking heads, and then a glow of hope as the candidate emerges. Toss in some more quick-cut talking heads, pictures of sunshine and cheering, and of course the candidate leading the way.

Traditionally, these films accompany the candidate’s launch — their premiere, to put it in cinematic terms. Now, however, we may have a new cinematic adaptation to this tradition: the campaign-launch trailer. Opening soon, but not now — DeSantis 2024!

There are no other sound explanations for the decision, and the tone of the tape was rather obvious.

All of the hallmarks of the format are present. They’re just … shorter. And even then, the trailer gets the point across. A longer campaign launch video of the more normal five-minute variety might have a couple of more bullet points, but this sums up the case for DeSantis in 2024 succinctly. He succeeded in building Florida into an economic and liberty-oriented powerhouse in the last four years, and now he wants to put “The Florida Blueprint” into place for the entire country.

Hypothetical polls have already suggested that DeSantis would be widely regarded as the most potent challenger to former President Donald Trump, although the gap between the two candidates is rather wide still.

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