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Rudy Giuliani hires ex-Watergate lawyer for coming impeachment battle

Rudy knows all too well how messy this could get, and is preparing accordingly.

With the possibility of impeachment sitting one the table, Capitol Hill is going to experience some turbulence over the course of the next several weeks…possibly months.

The Democrats have pushed past the point of no return now, and they must see this out to its logical conclusion:  A failure in the Senate.  This end is all but determined already, and could give Donald Trump the feather in his cap that he’ll need to secure reelection come 2020.

But that’s not to say that this won’t get ugly; it already has in many ways.

Trump’s personal lawyer, and ex-Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani knows this all too well, and is getting his ducks in row as we speak.

Florida attorney Jon Sale, who worked as an assistant prosecutor on the legal team investigating the Watergate scandal, is representing Rudy Giuliani in the matter of the congressional impeachment inquiry, Giuliani and Sale both confirmed to CNN on Tuesday.

Giuliani was subpoenaed on Monday by the three committees in the House of Representatives investigating President Donald Trump’s interactions with the Ukrainian government. The subpoena requests documents and correspondence from Giuliani related to Ukraine.

Giuliani has so far declined to say whether he will comply with the subpoena. Reached by phone Tuesday, Sale told CNN he had just started looking into the requests.

Sale has insinuated that the entire situation could get even messier than it already is.

“What I’ve already learned is this is very complex,” Sale said when asked if Giuliani planned to comply.
“I really have to study it. I can’t shoot from the hip.”
Both President Trump and Rudy Giuliani have repeatedly denied that any wrongdoing took place between the US and Ukraine, with the Commander in Chief labeling the impeachment inquiry as nothing more than a “witch hunt”.

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