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Russia debuts yet another terrifying new weapon as US readies for 2020 interference

The Kremlin’s latest threat to America can get from The Red Square to Pennsylvania Avenue faster than Domino’s guarantees delivery.

Without one shred of a doubt, America and Russia are locked in a new Cold War.

No but’s.  No if’s or and’s either.  The Kremlin wants to destabilize the United States, and they’ve proven this with their incessant need to interfere in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

Worse still:  The mainstream media is helping them to do it.  By dividing our nation so vociferously down party lines throughout the rabble-rousing and rhetoric, we find ourselves at a terrifying point in American history where some would choose loyalty to a political party over opposition to these Russian incursions on our democracy.

That, my countrymen, is not okay.

And here’s where things get really scary:  What happens if Russia doesn’t get what they want in 2020?  What happens if their Cold War plans turn hot?

Given their recent technological military advancements, the possibilities are horrific.

RUSSIA has successfully tested the “world’s fastest missile” which allegedly travels at speeds of almost 9,000mph.

Footage shows the rocket system being driven to its launch site in the Sary-Shagan training range in Kazakhstan.

It then blasts into the air at an incredible speed – causing a huge plume of smoke to surround the area.

The Kremlin has declined to name the system but it is believed to be the deadly PRS-1M interceptor missile, which is crucial to protecting Moscow and other strategic sites in the region from potential incoming NATO or other enemy missiles.

That means that one of these bad boys could leave Moscow at noon and land on the lawn of the White House before 1pm.

Russia is a threat, folks, in more ways than one.  It is time to pack up the partisan bickering and get cracking on the coming Kremlin catastrophe.

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