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RussiaGate 3.0: White House Dealing with New Whistleblower Scandal

What convenient timing…

Prior to 2020, when our world was simply turned upside-down by a number of compounding calamities and controversies, perhaps the most controversial issue in the nation was the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The action was taken by the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives who knew fully well that their efforts would be curtailed in the Senate – because Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told them that was exactly what was going to happen.  The Dems wasted the nation’s time anyway, trying to impugn the President’s good name over a conversation that he had with the President of Ukraine.  That conversation was brought to light by a whistleblower who had second and third-hand information about the content of that phone call.

Now, a new whistleblower has arrived on the scene in Washington DC, and some of the buzzwords they are using are sure to perk up the ears on the left side of the aisle. 

A Department of Homeland Security official said in a whistleblower complaint that he was pressured by more senior officials to suppress facts in intelligence reports that President Donald Trump might find objectionable, including information about Russian interference in the election and the rising threat posed by white supremacists.

The official, Brian Murphy, alleged that senior DHS officials also pressed him to alter reports so they would reflect administration policy goals and that he was demoted for refusing to go along with the changes and for filing confidential internal complaints about the conduct.

White supremacy and Russia are two of the left’s favorite talking points when it comes to Donald Trump, often trying to convince their base that Trump is both an aid to the racists and a pawn of the Russians.

And, unsurprisingly, some familiar faces were jumping into the controversy just as soon as their little legs would let them.

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, on Wednesday released the complaint, which he said contained “grave and disturbing” allegations. He said Murphy has been asked to give a deposition to Congress as part of an investigation into intelligence collection by DHS related to its response to protests in Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere.

“We will get to the bottom of this, expose any and all misconduct or corruption to the American people, and put a stop to the politicization of intelligence,” the California Democrat said.

Of course, the timing of the complaint is awfully convenient given that there are less than two months until the November election.

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