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RussiaGate Hoax Takes a Hit as FBI Official Accused of Altering Documents

The RussiaGate narrative has somehow gotten even thinner.

The Democratic hopes for impeaching Donald Trump are essentially dead in the water at this point.

The Republicans in the Senate have made it clear that they stand unmoved by the past few weeks of testimony against the President, and will move swiftly to wrap up the almost-inevitable trial that will be spawned from this kerfuffle.  There is truly no path forward for the “resistance” at this point.  Trump is too popular, and their evidence too weak, to truly believe that a conviction will occur within the Congressional chambers.

Worse still for the progressive party is the fact that their previous RussiaGate hoax is about to come back and bite them…big time.

In the case of one FBI slip-up, the damage has already begun to appear.

An FBI lawyer is suspected of altering a document related to surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser, a person familiar with the situation said Friday.

President Donald Trump, who has long attacked as a “hoax” and a “witch hunt” the FBI’s investigation into ties between Russia and his 2016 presidential campaign, immediately touted news reports about the allegations to assert that the FBI had tried to “overthrow the presidency.”

The allegation is part of a Justice Department inspector general investigation into the early days of the FBI’s Russia probe, which was ultimately taken over by special counsel Robert Mueller and resulted in charges against six Trump associates and more than two dozen Russians accused of interfering in the election. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release his report on Dec. 9. Witnesses in the last two weeks have been invited in to see draft sections of that document.

The release of the inspector general report is likely to revive debate about the investigation that has shadowed Trump’s presidency since the beginning. It is centered in part on the FBI’s use of a secret surveillance warrant to monitor the communications of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The December 9th release date has some strategic significance for the Republicans as well, given that this handcuffs the Democrats’ timeframe for impeachment decisions, not directly, but by offering up a date in which bombshell reporting could again sway the opinions of the American people.  If the Democrats cannot get actual impeachment maneuvers off the ground by then, the all-important undecided voters will have to reconcile “SpyGate” against “RussiaGate” and “UkraineGate” both.


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