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RussiaGate-Mania returns after bankers send Congress cache of Trump financial records

Congress is betting big on the bankers to keep the Mueller report hoax alive.

Robert Mueller’s begrudging and curmudgeonly testimony on Capitol Hill just weeks ago seemed to have sealed the deal for many when it comes to the RussiaGate conspiracy theory.

The American people were already tired of the tall tale by the time the former Special Counsel made his way to the witness stand, and they sure weren’t impressed after his long, rambling, monotone delivery of the already well-circulated facts.

At the end of the day, President Trump was celebrating, believing that democrats had thrown a wet blanket over their own impeachment fire.  The dems, on the other hand, pledged to continue the fight to “get” the Commander in Chief…one way or another.

Now it looks as though this bizarre theory about Russia and Donald Trump has some fresh legs, thanks to the release of the President’s financial documents to Congress.

A group of banks has turned over documents on Russians who may have done business with President Donald Trump following a request from Congress, a Thursday report states.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Deutsche Bank gave lawmakers thousands of documents as part of a joint investigation by the House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees into possible foreign influence over President Trump and members of his family. The former committee is chaired by none other than impeachment crusaders Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). These financial institutions are expected to transfer more documents to congressional investigators in the coming weeks, the Journal said.

And that’s not all…

“Separately, Deutsche Bank, Mr. Trump’s primary bank, has turned over emails, loan agreements and other documents related to the Trump Organization to the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, in response to a civil subpoena sent earlier this year, according to people familiar with the New York investigation,” the newspaper reports.

This latest round of litigious warfare begs the question; how much longer will the democrats spend their time and energy investigating the Russia “collusion” theory?

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